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Tea producer: The Five Trees Estate Mogok.

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The Development Of A Micro Tea Factory And The Creation Of New Organic Loose Leaf Teas.

With humble beginnings, Phyu Thwe - an ambitious London-based accountant from Myanmar - has embarked on a project to bring a better quality of life to her native region in Myanmar and advance the tea process on her family's land.


The Five Trees Estate was named after the 5 ancient and symbolic trees at the entrance to the estate that have provided shelter and shade fotravelersrs for many years. Phyu's mother was used to sit under these trees in hot days.


At the entrance of the estate there’s a Buddhist temple and several smaller shrines underneath the different trees. The shrines are maintained by locals with fresh flowers and water changed daily for visitors.

The Family's Tea Plantation

Phyu’s Family owns the tea plantations in Mogok which consists of 100 Acres of old tea plants to which, in the last few years, 80 acres of newly planted Tea have been added.

This is a fairly small tea plantation and each month Mogok Tea produces 25kg of tea, all by hand.

Mogok is a city located 200 kilometers north of Mandalay, the second-largest city in Myanmar, after Yangon. The main industry is ruby and gem mining. Mogok and other villages nearby have been famous since ancient times for their gemstones which mining has destroyed the local environment.

The Tea plantation has been developed to provide a more eco-friendly alternative to mining.


Tea has a very low value in Myanmar as it is given free to customers in restaurants. 99% of tea produced in Myanmar is green tea.


At the Five Trees Estate, Phyu, together with her team has introduced black and white tea. The plantation works in harmony with nature and the environment.


With the help from The Scottish Tea Factory and Tea consultant Beverly Wainwright, plucking analysis were carried out to determine and improve quality.


We carried out new experiments and refined the White, Black and Green tea process. Staff are trained in tea tasting and all processes are assessed by the company on a regular basis to ensure quality and consistency


The Vision

Create high quality tea and generate new interest in tea making

Sustainable livelihoods 

Offer training for other small scale tea makers

Raise environmental awareness

Use profits to set up recycling scheme

The priority at The Five Trees Estate is always quality, never quantity.

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